Legit significant anabolic GH Natural booster? Is there such a thing?

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  1. I used both the liver tabs and the growth hormone product from Beverly. In fact if I look in my cupboard I may still have some growth hormone tabs left, if you were here I'd give them to you.
    Actually I thought Uniliver tabs were better, and their growth hormone tabs did absolutely nothing. If you are looking for a natural GH increase product you might consider IBE.

  2. well i just ordered 1000 of the beverly intn'l tabs and will be dosing at 33 per day since they said in the write up that up to 100 were used back in the day. plus the rest of my stack. you guys won't believe it. oh yeah, plus i ordered pght also. i'm seeing what i can do natty. spent $500 on supps, but i can afford it and i've got too much time to dedicate to myself. i'm gonna post a before/after and log as well, so standby mofo's.

  3. good deal, I used GH Factor for a month. I wasn't working out due to my injury. How it effects body composition I have no idea.
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    Ornithine is supposed to help GH levels...

  5. the Beverly Formula is very basic.. They point to the ratios between Arginine and whatever else is being the correct ones.

  6. CEDeoudes59, come talk to me in a couple months.

    Until then, you could try double dosing I FORCE Secretagain...fairly cheap.

    I like dat Alpha-GPC.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by TheUnlikelyToad

    "I like dat Alpha-GPC."

    .... True dat.


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