cycle help

  1. cycle help

    im hearing alot of controversy!! cycle wise what would be the best first PH or AAS to use as a first "beginer cycle"??

  2. what controversy??? It all depends on your goals...

  3. Just do re search, see which has logs done on them, and choose the one that sounds the best for what you want to do. After lots of reserach if you still have a question, then start a thread like this one.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Thunder KAT
    im hearing alot of controversy!! cycle wise what would be the best first PH or anabolic steroids to use as a first "beginer cycle"??
    Jonesboy is right it is completely dependent on your goals.

    How old are you?
    What are your stats?
    What are you trying to accomplish?

  5. Just to be clear - with PH you really mean pro-hormones like 1-ad, 4-ad, 1-test etc. (which are all illegal now), not the (still) legal steroids like SD, h50 etc. which are often falsely referred to as PH.

    If you mean the latter there is of course no difference. My take on PH (real PH) is why bother with them if you have steroids available. Side effects are similar, if you can really compare them, and are rather an effect of dosing. On the other hand there's nothing wrong with them either...

  6. thnx guys and ive actually been doing alot of re-searching and talking to alot of ppl about the topic on which one(PH or AAS) would be more suitable for my goals and im always hearing different things one person says this is good another says its bad.. do u know what i mean??
    my goal is to mainly gain a good 10lbs of lean muscle not so much water and or fat so possibly a product which gives the "diuretic" effect and increase my strength and stamina and i know the product i use wont give me these gains alone i know diet is more important and so is training..and i do and always will supplement with the basics becasue i know they work i just need a little something extra to give me a little boost!! so if you guys had any advice as to which one of those products would be more suitable for what im looking for i would deffinately love to hear some feedback thnx and if you have nemore detailed questions for me just shoot!!

  7. superdrol will give you about 10 lbs, but not all of it will be lean muscle. Much of it is glycogen storage, but you won't be bloated. Lower back pumps were pretty terrible for me. don't plan on doing any cardio and also I had to stop doing deadlifts a week into the cycle because of the serious back pumps. My strength increased the most, although I added an inch to my thighs and chest, and 1/2" to my arms and calfs and forearms.

    To recommend anything else we need to know yours stats:
    Training Experience

  8. Superdrol, PP, TRN, H50 - they all seem to meet your requirements for the most part. Check the logs. I'd probably lean towards TRN, as people seem to report back that it's a very dry gainer.

    FWIW:I don't know if I buy into the superdrol-glycogen theory yet. The gains seem to stick around for a lot of people, even on 2-3 week cycles, which seems to be counter to the glycogen theory.

  9. BTW - you still haven't posted any details on your weightlifting background, stats, age, etc.. all very important, as the answer could just as easily be "none of them"

  10. age:21
    lifting experience: 6 years total 4 serious
    current routine:
    shoulders, lats and traps
    off day
    back and bis

    diet high protein moderate carb low cal probably around 2,500 total since im trying to stay lean..thts pretty much it if u have any other questions or suggestions id like to hear it!!

  11. bump any replies stats and infos posted

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Thunder KAT
    diet high protein moderate carb low cal probably around 2,500 total since im trying to stay lean..thts pretty much it if u have any other questions or suggestions id like to hear it!!
    2,500 is maintenance for your size - probably too little to gain much, steroids or not, unless you are metabolically gifted

  13. yea i know i usually try to get about 4000 but i was or am tryin to cut a bit/clean bulk so if i get on somthing like a PH or AAS i will deff. try to get atleast 3500 or higher

  14. Here is what i would suggest because i have ran it a couple of times with good results. sd/prostan cycle. Not everyone likes prostan. but i do. I like the hard tight muscles and it leans me out. the sd will put on the muscle for you with a good diet. Buy some taurin if you go with sd it helps with the pumps.

    This is for a first time user.

    sd 10mg
    sd 10mg
    sd10mg prostan 100mg
    prostan 100mg
    prostan 100mg

    I would buy "cycle support" from a board sponsor if you don't have any aux on hand already. Make sure you have your pct on hand before you purchase anything. You could also go with trn and run it a little longer just watch your carbs. If you don't want to go the ph route try the mega-cissus/powerfull/anagen stack. I am planning on trying that one in a week or two myself. I hope this helps.


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