Hey everybody I'm new to the board. I'm currently in my fourth week of a pp/prostan stack that looks like this.
week 1 prost. 75 mg
week 2 prost. 100mg
week 3 prost. 125mg/pp 10mg
week 4 prost. 150mg/pp 20mg
week 5 prost. 175mg/pp 30mg
week 6 prost. 200mg/pp 40mg
weeks 7-12 post cycle therapy nolva/rebound xt/retain

support supplements
perfect cycle/coq10/hawthorne/fish oils/flax oil/
preloaded hawthorne/milk thistle
current stats are:
age 24
height 6'1
weight 230
bf ~17%
In the past I've done a 1ad/4ad (3 years ago) but broke my neck in between and I have been rehabing for the past 2 years and I decided to do a cycle with some of the new phs available.
I'm extremely pleased so far with my cycle as my strength is way up and I've gained about 6lbs without increasing my bodyfat (calipers).

So here's my question. After my post cycle therapy is over what do you guys recommend as a follow up. I know I won't be able to use anything hormonal so what is the best option. My main goal after this cycle will be maintaining my gains from the cycle and slowly shedding some fat.