Feedback on Whey Isolate+BCAA during workout

  1. Feedback on Whey Isolate+BCAA during workout

    My pre-workout meal needs to be eating a minumun of 1 hour before i workout or else i feel sick. The workout goes for about another 1 or so. I was thinking about taking 25 grams of Isolate + 5 grams of BCAA to sip on during my workout. Anyone have any feed back on this idea?Is it a good or bad one?

  2. If eating too close makes can make you feel sick, I would recommend trying whey isolate by itself for a day or two, then try BCAA's by itself for a day or two.

    Then combine the two.

    Adjust doses from there.

  3. about a year ago i did the isolate by itslef and that worked well, but i've read/heard some good things about BCAA during a workout so i fugured throwing some in the Isolate might work rather well together

  4. If you have to eat something light immediatly pre-workout and during workout itself I would put emphasis on carbs rather than protein, like 40g of carbs and 20g of protein where you can play around with the protein as akp mentioned.

  5. Im on a low carb diet only 170-180 a day so i cant really add any to my diet. I'm already doing some cardio. Carbs are kinda out of the question.

  6. If that's the case, you might try to put 50g carbs w/ breakfast, and 25 pre, 25 during, 50 post, leaving you 30gr rest of the day.

    Or, check out some of the diet plans by folks who are prepping for bb comp's... such as Derek/Beast, I know they get very specific w/ their carb and protein use, as well as incorporation of BCAA's around the workouts, and sipped on thru the day.


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