Best beginner stack

  1. Best beginner stack

    I would like to have good gains but minimal side effects I was thinking of superdrol or Halo but not 100% sure yet or of what the other alternatives are i know there are many what gives the best effect with least side effects?
    I know I need to follow up with something to get my own test levels up afterwards and milk thistle and numerous other supps to support the body afterwards im not sure what others i should take as though

    please give a newb some advice or some links towards the knowledge

  2. I say it again because it's important enough to. Check the Diet and the Exercise forums and research and make sure that those are in check first and it could be that your first supplements could be eating and training right. If you're already on your game then i'll step back and let the vets suggest the anabolic stuff.

  3. i think this is an awesome stack

    Fish/Flax Oil
    Multi Vitamin

  4. That's a stack you can't go wrong with

  5. Pioneer i think this is an awesome stack

    Fish/Flax Oil
    Multi Vitamin
    Throw in some carbs and and watch the muscles grow.

  6. beginer + stack don't go well together in a sentance. Pick one and do a short cycle mate.

    Also PH's aren't the only way to go, if you have never used anything other than creatine or protein powder and the like then you could try some of the new 'natural' supplements like Powerfull, Jungle Warfare etc which a lot of people seem to like. The benefit there is that you don't mess around with your HTPA system and no PCT is needed - so less cost, less sides and no knob problems.

    If you do go with a PH, remember that you can only put on so much muscle weight - so no need to go ramping up the dosage within the first few days!!! Ph's effect people differently, so asking for advice on sides won't help you.

    If you post your age, experience, bf, goals, ammount you are willing to spend; i'm sure one of the experienced dudes will give you less generic and more informed advice than I.

  7. No no I already train eat properly and treat my body well I already lift and have for a long time. I have never used any type of anabolic I have used tribulus and ecsterstone other herbs before

    but I want to try a real anabolic now to improve what I have gained though hard work my goal is really just to gain to get myself to the next stage and try and maintain it I have a great deal of trouble gaining weight even if I eat 4000+ cals a day

    I think I am ready to try a anabolic and hope it bumps me up to where i want to be and hope I can maintain it

  8. I am thinking of going with Phera and am currently reading everything I can we will see what i decide I dont know enough yet to decide

  9. Why don't you post some actual numbers so these cats will take you seriously..As in length of training besides 'a long time', maybe your age would be a big thing, weight, specific training goals..If you are vague in your question it implies a lack of knowledge and your responses are going to reflect that..And the last, biggest thing..Do you count your calories?Because if you don't and haven't, I would bet my ass that you aren't eating 4000kcals a day.

  10. I weigh 170 im 5'10
    Bench 180x5
    Row 190x5
    Squat 310X12- havent went full out I dont have real rack its semi ghetto loose and so on
    Deadlift 350X12
    Curl 130x5
    Skull crush 130x5

    I have great cardio I dont always eat 4000cal's but I have done it for a few days straight that includes 1200cal shakes and a lot of pasta I count my cal's usually but havent lately
    I went on vacation and then got injured so iam building my way back up usually I weigh about 160 and lift the same I run ALOT and find it hard to keep weight

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Doubleunderhook
    I have great cardio I dont always eat 4000cal's but I have done it for a few days straight that includes 1200cal shakes and a lot
    a)Do it for a few months straight
    b)Do not get 1200kcals a day from shakes, because that is 100% ridiculous..Over 1/4 of your daily intake should not be in shake form..Seriously

  12. Haha I figured that out quickly by how it made me feel muscle juice and mammoth and that crap are way behind me

  13. still avoiding the age question plus from what you have been saying you shouldn't do anabolics.

    if you JUST started reading about them then youre not ready. AT ALL.

    it probably wont stop you though, but i thought i would try.

  14. I actually just turned 21 in april
    I am still reading the pills aint in my hand yet

  15. i think the most basic stuff for a bodybuilder is nothing but pure Whey give it a try and see the results in weeks ,,,,make sure you stack pure and branded stuff...

  16. Mulletsoldier I'm so jealous of your back lol...anyway dude go read some damn threads..dont take none of the posts here as a flame there all right and good info in a way so take heed and grow.

  17. Why not start with the nha stack?
    I got some nice str and you can see if you gain some weight and get some experience

  18. Pardon my asking, but what's the nha stack?

  19. it's the designer supps ...non hormonal stack. activate and rebound xt

    do a search and read some logs..

    you can try and see if your call"s are right etc...

    get some experiece


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