Anything for speeding up healing of inflammation?

  1. Anything for speeding up healing of inflammation?

    Seven days ago I had tissue excision and mild lipo performed on my chest to remove non-steroidal gynecomastia that had been caused at the outset of puberty. My surgeon has suggested that within two weeks after the surgery I should be able to get back to lifting. In the meantime I've been wearing the compression vest to keep the swelling down, and haven't had any pain since the third day.

    The inflamed tissue in my chest is bothering me - pretty much the same sight that I looked to have removed by the surgery - and would be the only factor holding me back from the gym. I don't understand Cissus well enough, but I'm wondering if its anti-inflammatory properties would help speed my recovery and help me safely work out after another week of rest.

    And if not Cissus, does anyone know of anything that could help for that?

  2. Personally, I would deff take Cissus. Analgesic, anti-inflammatory and actually speeds healing from my experience with it.
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  3. Bump for cissus

  4. Just started using Cissus, but from reading this forum it seems to be the cats meow.

    Bump for Cissus.

  5. Yep, cissus.

  6. Alright, I'll give the cissus a run. Hopefully it'll allow me to work my chest next week.

    Thanks everyone.

  7. what about using dsmo? i notice inflamation gone in just a few days..

    also took away my sore shoulder in 2-3 days and gone ever since...amazing stuff



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