Macronized creatine compared to "size on"

  1. Macronized creatine compared to "size on"

    Big pete or anyone else who used "size on" couldn't you get similar effects from regular Macronized creatine taken with dextrose? It seems as though everyone seems to like this stuff but I am trying to talk myself into sticking with reg. creatine cuz of the obvious down side to size on the $$$$$>

  2. I had given up on creatine products, but after reading about the good results people have had I decided to try size on in my pct after coming off my S1+, I freakin love it, I drink it only on workout days midway through my workout and the pumps are great and I stay pumped for hours afterwards, I am very impressed so far, I am about half way through my jug, I just never seemed to get much out of any other creatine product, I have onlyl lost three pounds and my cycle ended four weeks ago, great product IMO........

  3. I'm a huge fan of Green Bulge. If anyone has tried both this and size-on and can compare, that'd be cool.

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