Dhea with test cyponate and hcg

  1. Dhea with test cyponate and hcg

    Hey whats up i just started a log of 1600mg dhea a day as my dhea is actually really low. Im also going to be on test cyponate i started it last monday of 100mg and this week am on 200mg and on 500iu hcg every other day. Im actually on trt because i have hypogonadism but why not have some fun with it next week ima bump up my cyp dose to 500mg. I should be looking for some nice gains on 500mg cyp 1600mg dhea a day and hcg everyother day i should feel great. I go for squating tommorw 305 for 10 is my goal i should be able to get it well c ill keep you posted daily.

  2. 305 for 10?? I could do that not on roid juice...hmmm what's your stats man? Jus asking..not a flame or nothing hey post some pix...are you going to make this a log? Oh well good luck.

  3. well how much u weigh i weigh 175lbs and im goin up 10lbs each 6 days so 20lbs a week actually.

  4. Gbody its not like he is hopping on cycle early or anything, he has to be on test since he is hypogonadal, so might as well bump it up to 500mg/week for a period of time.

  5. sorry lol i meaured wrong its 2400mg dhea. Today a good day in the gym got the 305 for 10 and when i was lookin in the mirror today was looking a bit leaner and more vascular. Actually my stomach hurt someone last night around the area that looks leaner i have noticed when i get that certain stomach pain usually im losing some body fat. Hope it works good im bout 11-10 percent now after dhea hoping to de 7-8. Wish me luck im excited bout the 305 for 10 today YAHHH got it baby willl report posts daily and keep you updated.

  6. You thought about DHEA transdermally?

    It's more bioavailable that way.

  7. if i can make it yea dont know how

  8. Custom sells DHEA powder.
    Nutraplanet has Penetrate on sale.

    Put powder into heated Pentrate - shake vigorously and done (as long as all the DHEA goes into solution).

    There is PLENTY of transdermal FAQ's around here.

  9. Well yesterday later in the day i was extremly hungry despite already eating a ton that day and not doin all that much. Went to bed had an awsome sex dream woke up with a huge hard on and came down stairs and was hungry as **** felt like i was starved. DHEA deffintly is kicking ASSS yAHH


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