Best supplement/stack?!

  1. Best supplement/stack?!

    Plain and simple guys what do you thinkis the best supplement or stack for gaining lean mass quickly? I dont mean the obvious ones like whey and creatine as they are essential but something really awsome, maybe that not many people have heard of, cos i am desperate for somthing decent!!!!!

  2. Honestly for a person who makes this post, my answer is food. Toss in some protein shakes in there if you want.

    Food is THE muscle builder. Supplements will no do anything without a good diet. Get your diet in check, and then look into supplements.

    As for supplements, if youre looking for non hormonal creatine is the big one. I dont have too much faith in non hormonal supplements though.

  3. Yeah but i dont want to use hormonal supplements yet as iam only 17 and dont want my growth plates to shut etc.

  4. madmas is correct here... go to log your diet your caloric intake is probabley not have enough if you are not getting the results that you want... be careful not to overtrain... and take in CLEAN food.. and your set

    protein, multi, creatine, aminos would be about all i would suggest

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Wardo13
    ... cos i am desperate for somthing decent!!!!!
    Everyone is. Even (or particular?) the guys 'on'
    Can I infer from your post that you are not making the progress that you wish you were making?

    But to answer your question. Creatine is by far the most effective of all non-hormonal supplements. In fact some are joking hat it will be eventually banned because it actually works. That should give you some idea what to expect from 'normal' supplements...

    The 'normal' supplements are mainly 'helpers' - they help you to recover faster, sleep better, optimize your own test production,... They are effective if you use them right... some at least.

  6. If there was something awesome that actually worked, chances are you would find out about it rather quick.

    Also, who in their right mind settles for mediocrity? I'm sorry, but this is a poorly thought out question. We all want to gain mass as fast as possible. We're all looking for that magic pill/powder, and the industry keeps trying to tell us they've found it. But they never do. Until then, I recommend you suck it up, and do like the rest of us: work hard, diet right, and stop complaining.

  7. yeah just have a good diet and work hard at the gym

  8. Axis Labs SMASH Fully Loaded + Axis Labs HemodrauliX
    MAN Clout + MAN Body Octane

    Both are very safe yet effective stacks that I have had great results with.
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