Clenbutrx. Do you remember?

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  1. Yeah, somebody shoot me a PM of where to get this. I would gladly pay $100.00 for a bottle.

  2. You guys could basically build your own. None of the items in the formula is that difficult to find.

    The main ingredients from what I see are Ephedra, Synephrine, and Caffine

  3. doggzj, believe me I have tried it before. Pretty much matched up the same ingredients. Just did not work nearly as well. There was just something about the original formula that worked awesome. Maybe a "secret" ingredient.

  4. when you do purchase the product, its like $85 for the 240ml bottle then they charge tax regardless of where you live (i asked why and they're response was as a company we choose to) plus shipping to your location.

    by the end, its around $100 for the bottle....expensive yet it works like nothing else....


  5. shct, could you PM me the store information so that I could order a bottle?

  6. in response to my question to vpxsports forum

    "I (Greg) have been told that we are done with ClenbutrX. Getting the raw materials is getting harder and harder plus the cost is also a factor. To get good raw materials is expensive."

    It will definitely be a shame not to buy this any more...some bottles might still be out there.


  7. Well, whatever works for you

    Ephedra products kill me these days so I'm stuck with my butt on the treadmill.


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