Sizeon at night?

  1. Sizeon at night?

    Hi Guys,

    Any idea what the idea is behind taking Sizeon at night before bed?

    I don't remember seeing this on other creatine products.

    Just a few days in with this stuff, and I am already having some great workouts and gaining weight - I hope its not fat...


  2. The idea behind that was for people who train in the morning. It would replenish your glycogen and creatine stores so you'd be fresh and full when morning rolls around.

  3. Sorry off topic but what is that in your avatar? Looks like a spinal column.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by spatch
    Sorry off topic but what is that in your avatar? Looks like a spinal column.
    Yup, that is my spinal column.

    ...with a nice herniated disc at l3/l4. Adds more excitement to this hobby...

    Re: Sizeon, I don't work out in the early morning, so I am just trying to space the doses every 24 hours or so.

    Sizeon is incredible. I put on more weight than I did with a PP cycle...

    Same waist size, so it has to be water in the muscles.


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