The correct use of HMB with megatrn/megazol cycle?

  1. The correct use of HMB with megatrn/megazol cycle?

    I'm gonna be running mega-trn/mega-zol, with a high protein diet and was thinking of adding HMB to aid in recovery and to optimize and uptake all of the protein i'm putting into my body, another thing that i was thinking was using DHB to make the stack a little more potent ( i will be running a 2 weeker cycle at high doses to see how it goes 150mg of megatrn/ 8mg of megazol w/hmb and using muscle milk and tuna, peanut butter, oats, cottage cheese, K-rala, flax oil, my multi, and alot of chicken with lean meats and turkey....all the food i'm gonna be eating is high in proteins). For PCT i'll be using clomid at 10mg eod for 2 weeks.

  2. To me the whole thing sounds weird..well why only do 2 weeks? And what's the right way to take hmb? I thought high dose and it takes awhile to get effects...and what's your goal from the cycle? Jus asking..Oh and good luck

  3. Throwing HMB in there to "aid" nitrogen retention is like when people sit at the gas pump and *click, click, click, click, click* to top things off.

    In other words, you will not notice a difference since you are already using two potent products on their own.

    No tamox?

    Oh, and are you going to snort the trn/zol?

  4. Personally I wouldnt waste my money on HMB. Most studies as of late have shown it to be useless.

  5. I may snort it who knows, seriously ...from what i was thinking was HMB helps keep protein synthesis at its peak so would'nt that facilitate the use of Mtrn/Mzol stack, and i am rethinking about running it 4 weeks then 2weeks pct.....i ask this about HMB because i've runned Test cyp w/winny and have taken HMB within that cycle and have gotten great results. Maybe i was thinking the same with these designer steroids. Oh ...yea my goal is to gain minimal mass, and then cut up.

  6. Not true NiteHawk.

    Bobo has posted studies of it's efficacy when combined with creatine.

    RDX - I think it would be excellent for PCT with CEE.
    I'm going to do that with my PCT - now that I think about it.

    If you buy the bulk HMB it's not badly priced.

  7. i wonder is some came up with something like : beta hydroxy-beta-methylcreatine-ethyl-ester i wonder what would happen? these companies that make these designer steroids need to come up with something like that....just a thought

  8. Quote Originally Posted by RDXg0d
    150mg of megatrn/ 8mg of megazol .
    I hope you mean 150mg of zol and 8mg of trn.

    the way you have it written would be cost prohibitive for the TRN and ineffective for the zol.



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