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    Finishing college and 20 pounds overweight I find myself looking for more answers. I've been going to the gym 3 times a week, mostly machine weights arms, back etc(10machines,3sets-20reps). and then 1-2 hour cardio (racketball).

    Right now I'm taking all Gnc multi vitamins(daily), creatine burst and endurance energy(preworkout). And making large skim milk protein shakes with banana's and apples.

    Anything else that I could add to my diet, I'm looking to slim down, but strength and agility are the primary goals.

  2. At this point, diet is critical. Creatine and protein are great to supplement with, and the rest is diet.

    Keep it up for at least a year before you search out anything else. There are some other nice supplements to help you burn fat and people will swear by this-or-that, but the core is lifestyle, diet and protein.

    High protein, only complex carbs, and only good fats.

    This is my humble opinion, of course.


  3. I'd drop the reps a bit. If your primary focus is to gain strength, you should be doing low reps, high weight, high intensity workouts.
    Start with 5x5 and see how that works for you. And, while you are somewhat overweight, don't be afraid to eat a lot. You have to eat to grow, just eat the right amount of the right things at the right times and you shouldn't gain any appreciable fat.
    As for agility, stretches should take care of a great deal of that.

  4. i think racketball for cardio sucks, but thats just my opinion...

    try stairmaster for 2 hours at a slow pace, or an eliptical for an hour or so... it works

    try a thermogenic!

  5. First wean yourself off the machine weights. Next, discover the superset. Do cardio first thing in the morning or directly post w/o. Do superset workouts one week and the next week take breaks in between sets. Keep cycling that every other week. Make sure your creatine is taken post w/o with dextrose and protein. Good luck. Oh, and scroll to the bottom of the forum page and read up on what online supplement stores offer. GNC is a rip-off.

  6. I always carried a little extra weight on me...I was about 13-15% body fat.

    I decided to get rid of it. In 2 months I got down to 6% by:

    Lifting high reps (20 reps) on chest, back, tries, bis, shoulders, squats 60 seconds apart from each other. I would repeat 3 times...this took about 30-45 minutes. It helped my streght quite a bit.

    I did that 3 days a week, and the other three days I would run. The first month I ran 4 miles really slow (10 minute miles). Then I kicked it up a notch with interval training three days a week....then the fat really poured off me.

    I also ate 5 small meals a day. Low fat, of course.

    Net result: Went from a 2 pack to a 6 pack...5 months later I am running a 7:30 mile for 4 miles, and my stregth is up from where it was!

    When I exersize for more than an hour my gains are not nearly as good. It makes sense, as it has been shown that working out for more than an hour increases cortisol, which encourages your body to make fat...and high intenisty work outs over 10 minutes increase testoterone....

  7. Dextrose post-WO is a bad idea. Same with fruit.

    Do yourself a favor and have a pre-WO shake with some sort of whole grain food (bagel maybe or oatmeal). Then, have a shake with some more complex carbs post-WO.

  8. All great advice, defiently will upset my workout and eating habits. A couple conflicting advices but things work dif for different people, I'm start having some creatine after the workout also.

    Great guys you really gave me what I needed.

  9. "advices"

    Anyway - search for low carb post-workout and Bobo. He posted some great stuff on carbs around your workout time.
    It won't be "conflicting" then.

  10. jmh80: HAHA, I was thinking the same thing as I read that beat me to it though you bastard! I love a good sampling of fruit post w/o. I'm going to go straight for the maple syrup next w/o and take a shot for you . mmm high fructose.... j/k

  11. Here is Bull - chugging maple syrup.

    (Sorry I couldn't find a better pic - there are 5 million Super Trooper pics but no good maple syrup chugging ones....)

  12. Spying on me? That's not cool...I want to know where the camera is jmh. I want to know right now....



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