Wad do you think?

  1. Wad do you think?

    Im 33, I have been lifting off and on for 16 years now. Currently 5 10, 185 6% bodyfat, dumbell press 110x12. I run some as well,7:30 mile for 4 miles

    Once a year I try a new suplement for a month or so to keep me motivated when I fall off a little bit. Thats were I am now.

    I was thinking about taking some methyl masterdrol. I was a huge responder 1 AD, which is the last "pro hormone" I tryed.
    It almost scared me....Up about 10 # of lean body mass in 10 days...I quit it after 10 days. Sides: Felt great, libido up a lttle more than the wife could handle, and only needed 4 hours of sleep.

    Since I got such a huge response I was thinking about taking MM 10 mgs for two weeks and calling it quits.

    Now I never did PCT on 1 AD (I don't remeber any talk of it at the time), but I figure I better with this product. Since I am taking a low dosage for a couple of weeks...would a 6-0x0 product be enough??

    Thanks in advance,

    Fishing Addict

  2. Anyone....




  3. Not sure what MM is right off hand...drawing a blank there...

    Have you thought about something other than "PH" like products?

    Activate+ rebound xt gave me some great gains.

    Powerfull by USPlabs works well.

    Jungle Warfare by ALRI is on presale now, not much info about it....lots of hype so try it out and let us know (I just bought some so we will see....)

    Just a few suggestions.

    You could always go with some SD, PP, H-50, ect as you have lots of experience by the sounds of things. Check out the board sponsors. They are closing out many of the "ph" like supps...

  4. MM=methyl masterdrol

    Thanks for the suggestions, rysgpi. I'm gonna try the MM for a short time now as I have had great results with 1AD and the other types of products I get very placebo like gains with.

    What about Formadol Extreme? Is that a good PCT? Again, I won't be taking a high dose and I won't be taking it for long?

  5. Go check out the anabolic sections where people have run cycles of Superdrol. Check out a few logs, read, and see what they use for PCT and on cycle supps. (what im saying is I think you need more for PCT and on cycle supps to keep your liver and other vital systems happy)



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