4-week MAX LMG Cylce info needed!

  1. 4-week MAX LMG Cylce info needed!

    Hey bro's!

    In the past I have run Paradeca and Decavar (from you know who) as stand alones and had tremendous gains off of each four-week cycle. No sides other than a little oily skin.

    Now I am a little older and wiser and I'm going to run either a EMAX or MAX LMG 4-week stand-alone.

    What should I PCT with and what should I have on hand for a no longer than 4-week cycle? I all ready have some Ultra Hotter and Rebound xt sitting around.

    I mainly am confused due to the fact that most people are coming off of a 8 - week cycle not a 4 week. Thus, the longer the cycle the more possibility for sides and such.

    Any Help is great!

  2. whether youre coming off of a 4 week or an 8 weeker...pct should still be about the same. the only thing that may differ when it comes to planning a pct is how much shutdown the compound has on your system...Max LMG, not so much...

  3. I did just fine with Novedex XT alone after eight weeks of Max LMG a few months ago. Loved the results of taking the Max LMG and continued to inch my strength upwards while on the Novedex XT.

  4. I'd recommend stacking Ergomax with max lmg, at least if not for the libido increase.
    Max lMG is not methyl, so no biggie.
    Run the Ergo at low dose, see how it goes, bump if needed.

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