controlled labs stack!!

  1. controlled labs stack!!

    I was just thinking and wouldn't these produtcs make a SICK stack together?!?!

    White Blood
    Green Bulge
    Purple Wraath

    I was thinking of doing this over the summer and just wanted some input. I know Purple Wraath hasn't been out long enough for feed back but a trust that its good since Iv'e read alot of positive things about CL.

  2. For the amount of money, you have a lot of different options. Personalyl I would use that money to buy some Activate and or Symmetry, Powerful, etc.

    Also, for the amount of money you could buy the same products but in bulk and get a whole lot more for your money.

  3. What exactly is symmetry?? Also thanks for the feed back!

  4. Symmetry is the new product out by USP Labs, check out there forum for some of the exact details. Also, for an identical and much cheaper stack I would recommend Omega Sports Thunderand Lightening, and Scivation's Xtend. You get your CEE, GMS, NO, and BCAA's all at a more agreeable price.
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  5. I am thinking USP Powerfull, Camphibolic, and the CL Green Bulge. I like to use a pre-workout stim, but that is up to you. I would start with this and then maybe add in the Symmetry once you get a feel for it. Currently, this is what I am using and I'm pretty impressed.

  6. I'm doing that stack currently, minus the purple wrath...and i'm loving it...I"m about to get another months supply to extend my cycle to 2 months...then month off then a nice AAS cycle...

  7. Would this be a good cutting stack or bulking stack?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by RoadblockTDX
    Would this be a good cutting stack or bulking stack?
    I'd definetely use that for bulking. They would be most effecient/effective during a bulk.

  9. What kind of gains did those see that have used these products??

  10. Powerfull is awesome!!!


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