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    Attached is the info that all reps were sent.


    Q Hi Kevin. Well you guys have certainly been on a roller coaster. Your bought out two of the best pro-hormones ever with Superdrol and Phera-Plex then abruptly stopped making them. Now you have announced a new product called Hyperdrol. My first question, and you’ll have to pardon my ignorance, but what in the heck is Hypertrophic? You seem to use that term a lot when you talk about Hyperdrol.

    A Great question Jeff. It might be easier to think of the term as an antonym to a word we all know, atrophy. I think the clinical definition is the excessive development of an organ or part; specifically an increase in bulk (as by thickening of muscle fibers) without multiplication of parts.

    So, I suppose to simplify it, Hypertrophy can be thought of simply as an increase in muscle mass.

    Q. OK, got it. So how does this Hypertophic Hyperdrol product compare with Superdrol?

    A. Superdrol was and is a great product. However, Superdrol, as a prohormone was very edgy in that it affected the normal hormonal levels in your body via an artificial /synthetic mechanism. While remarkably effective, the net result was that a user had to cycle off the product and also had to be very careful about proper liver care and post cycle therapy. We put a lot of time and effort into those supporting products in order to create as healthy of an environment as possible. The beauty of Hyperdrol is that it has none of the drawbacks of Superdrol – no PCT necessary and virtually free of side effects.

    Q Yeah, but Superdrol worked. Everyone knows that and while you are right in that post cycle therapy and liver care were an unwelcome expense and concern, we just accept this when taking a Prohormone. Are you telling me that this product works as well as Superdrol and has no side effects, needs no post cycle therapy and doesn’t need to be cycled?

    A I would never tell you that Hyperdrol will give you the sort of gains that Superdrol gave you. But what I will tell you that 1) Unlike most of the other so-called anabolic non prohormone products on the market, IT DOES WORK and 2) unlike the prohormones that do work, it is a totally natural product that is actually good for your body.

    Q Good for your body? Huh?

    A You have seen all the “natural test boosters” (Tribulus, ATD and ZMA) on the market and the claims manufactures make. Have you ever tried ONE that actually had ANY impact on your lean body mass? Of course not, because it takes a lot more than an increase in total testosterone to actually create a hypertrophic atmosphere in which you actually see and feel gains in lean body mass. Hyperdrol simply helps your body reset hormonal balance to where it was when you were young, vibrant and strong. From a health perspective, Cissus is also high in anti-oxidants and promotes joint, tendon and bone health.

    Q Oh great, a fountain of youth?

    A Well, not exactly. But then again, what would you call a product which reduces pain, makes you stronger, promotes a lean hard look, and where average gains add about a pound a week of lean muscle to your frame?

    Q A pound a week? Reduces pain?

    A That is right. Yeah, I know, you are used to 12-15 lbs in a month on SuperDrol or PheraPlex. But then!!! You have to go off. You spend a lot of money on post cycle therapy and desperately struggle to hold some of your gains while you impatiently wait to go back on cycle when you felt strong. So yes, ONLY about a pound a week for most people, but you only go off cycle when you feel the effect waning (which will differ between individuals). Most people will see increased gains as well as a strength increase (+/- 10%) over a 12 week period. If those gains weren’t enough, as I stated earlier, Cissus has some remarkable healing properties for bone and tissue. Haven’t you felt the joint and tendon pain after a cycle when your lifts all increased? Well the properties in our unique Cissus extraction process actually help reduce tendon pain!

    Q OK, I get it, it is healthier and does actually give you strength gains and gains in lean body mass that are much greater than Creatine, but less than a super prohormone like Superdrol. But I heard it is going to cost a lost more?

    A A lot more than what. A cycle of Superdrol? Or a cycle of Superdrol plus Red Yeast rice and CoQ10 for your cholesterol and Perfect Cycle for your liver and PCT and Retain for your post cycle cleanup. How do you define cost more?

    Q OK, I get your point, but I see that your product is Cissus based. There are other products that are Cissus based to and I haven’t heard glowing things about them.

    A Well, first of all, those other products are NOT produced under the Anabolic Xtreme label. You are right that Cissus Quadrangularis (Cissus (SEA-SUS) for short) is one key to Hyperdrol. But it is not like the others. AX has never produced a product that did not work. Second of all, to put it bluntly, everyone can start with the Cissus plant; it is all about understanding how to balance the extraction process to highlight the positive effect of the right fractions. Oh sure, someone will figure it out sooner or later by reverse engineering our product but until then, I can safely say that no one has a product like this. Only AX and our marketing partner ALRI have the keys to unlock the power of this incredible herbal product.

    Q. OK, so until someone figures out Cissus, you have the only herbal product on the market that really works

    A Ah Contraire! Even when they figure out the Cissus, or if, that is only a starting point. Our proprietary formula uses the Cissus extract fractions we have chosen for a reason. One of the fractions acts as a non-androgenic AR agonist giving a positive hypertrophic signal to the lean mass which raises Test levels by 200%; As I am assure you are aware, your body reacts to this increase in Test by producing more estrogen in an attempt to “keep up” what it perceives as hormonal balance. Hyperdrol very delicately suppresses just the right amount of estrogen and mops up any excess estrogen laying around from metabolic waste to ensure a proper youthful balance thus assuring that your libido stays at its peak! Then we ensure that the additional testosterone that is created is put to good use by whacking the nasty SBHG so the Test actually binds to the AR too. This is accomplished with two other key proprietary ingredients that no other company has; 6-BrAD™, and Forsholii Diterpene.

    Q. Yeah, I saw those ingredients on your label. Can you explain what they do?

    A. Well, I don’t want to give to much away.. knock off artists are everywhere, but what I can say is that 6-BrAD™ is a new anti-aromatase that keeps estrogen intact while Test rises - but it also inhibits negative feedback thus inducing an increase in total testosterone and preventing natural test production from shutting down. Our objective is to create a favorable natural androgen to estrogen ratio (like you had as a teenager) which will allow for better body composition with fewer potential rebound issues. While some products (ATD based) have taken the approach of a total estrogen suppression, our view (as user experience substantiates) is that when you totally shut down estrogen you can not only make your workouts intolerable but your libido often goes in the tank and who wants that?
    Forsholli Diterpene is similar to Forskolin (Forslean™) in action but is much more bio-available to the system allowing a much smaller dose to be used with greater affect.
    Forsholli is the only plant-derived compound presently known to directly stimulate the enzyme adenylate cyclase, and subsequently cyclic AMP (cAMP). Our exclusive Forsholi Diterpene extract helps generate lean body mass by stimulating cAMP, which will increase the circulation of hypertrophic hormones (you know, Hyperdrol, the stuff you are taking) and enhance their utilization. What that means is lean hard gains!!!

    Q Ahh, so you are not just increasing testosterone?

    A No way! Increasing Test does no good if you are also allowing estrogen to flourish and Test that can’t be bound is totally useless. Our formula attacks the entire system that prevents gains in lean body mass to provide an environment of growth.

    Q OK, so maybe I do grow. But what about that magic word libido you mentioned earlier?

    A Dude! Does fountain of youth mean anything? OK, it may not be a fountain of youth but I tell you, you are gonna feel good because this is good for your body! How did you feel when you were in those magic teens? We could have marketed this product as a sexual aid. That is how good it is.

    Q Yeah, but I read before that one of those anti-aromatase products would do nothing but make my sex-drive take a vacation.

    A Like I said earlier, creating a lot of testosterone does no good if you don’t – with precision, control estrogen and ensure the test can bind to the androgen receptors. As I stated earlier, shutting off too much of your estrogen will have the exact same effect as cutting off your testosterone? No libido! You have to do it right. It is all about maximizing the effectiveness and balance of the competing hormones.

    Q Yeah but what happens when you quit taking the stuff… Shut down right?

    A No, not at all. Through the magic of 6-BrAD™, we have managed to totally control the negative feedback loop such that there is NO HPTA shutdown.

    Q So how would you sum all of this up

    A Some of the active compounds found in the Cissus herb, have traditionally shown some very interesting results which no one (until now) has been able to leverage. As the result of our testing, we isolated the fractions to create a unique proprietary matrix that has shown great promise for hypertrophic response in humans. We believe that it is a result of these hypertrophic steroidal substances binding with androgen receptors (AR’s) and acting as a non-hormonal AR agonist we can obtain very decent gains in lean body mass. The results of our testers cannot be denied. (One guy actually gained 23 pounds but we through out his result since it was out of the range of other testers). Hyperdrol works by fostering a synergistic hypertrophy through direct AR-agonism and an increase in both natural LH and Test production while creating a greater overall free test level for active T effect... It has been engineered to have lipolytic and nutrient partitioning effects which help slant calories to lean body mass while the remainder gets burned from fat stores. Of course a quality diet is needed. Too much sugar can still make you fat. All ingredients work in tandem to create a complete hypertrophic environment with a nice lipolytic edge as well.

    Prohormones and Anabolic Steroids are a type of AR agonist of course, but they also have the androgen side affect of inducing a negative feedback loop to the HPTA via both estrogen and androgen feedback loops. With Hyperdrol, the opposite is true in that, it not only maintains, but can even increase HPTA activity.

    Of course, all of the explanation in the world is only as good as the results. Try this product. You will not be disappointed as long as your expectations are in line with what I have laid out here. Try Hyperdrol. Just think, a product that helps you grow that is also GOOD FOR YOUR BODY!! Anabolic Xtreme would not put our brand on it if it did not provide a good representation of our brand.
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