halodrol-50 cycle

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    halodrol-50 cycle

    ok so this will be my buddies 2nd cycle his first was just test since he's a newb, he plans to run this cycle in about 3 months so he's doin a little more research to make sure he does everything right, so i was hopin you guys could help him out some backround on him, he's 24 5 foot 9 189 with 10% bf been liftin for around 6 years , how the cycle is going to be will go like this he's gonna run halodrol-50, ax's liver protectant, multivitamin, fish oil and for his PCT he'll be running the liver protectant, glucophase xr, rebound xt, cee, and fish oil, multivitamin.
    so here's how he plans to do it
    week 1: 25mg halodrol-50, 2 caps liverprotectant, 2 caps fishoil, 1 multiviamin
    week 2: same as week one
    week 3: starts his pct so it would be 25mg halodrol-50m 2 caps liver protectant, 2 caps fishoil, 1 multivitamin, 2 caps rebound xt, 1 cap glucophase xr
    week 4: same thing as week four , this is the last week of the halodrol-50
    weeks 5, and six: 2 caps liver protectant, 2 caps fish oil, 2 caps rebound xt, 2 caps glucophase xr, 1 multivitamin, 5 grams CEE
    alright well open to comments, his diet he says he won't be counting calories, but it's estimated to be around 5,500 cals a day roughly, DO NOT WORRY THIS CYCLE ADVICE IS NOT FOR ME I AM PLENTY AWARE THAT I AM TOO YOUNG, AND I DO NOT PLAN ON RUNNING A CYCLE FOR QUIET SOME TIME IF AT ALL, anyways any advice would be great, thanks

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    I would keep some Nolva on hand just in case.
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    You are running the hormone during PCT... That's not post cycle.

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    Can that help anything, running an ATD during a Halodrol cycle? Does starting it early beore the actual PCT help anything?

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