alcar question

  1. alcar question

    does it have to be taken alone?....i like to mix tons of stuff i have a hard time taking( alcar,oatmeal) or remembering to take(ie...creatine,cee,alcar,o live oil) in my protien shakes........would mixing alcar be a waste?

  2. Alcar comes in many mixed supplements. So I would say there isnt a problem with mixing alcar.

  3. You mix CEE, protein, ALCAR, and olive oil together?!?! . Haha I can't imagine that. I mix glucosamine, alcar, and cee together and take it like a shot and I HATE the time of day where I have to do that haha.

    But to answer your question yes ALCAR can be mixed with anything. It is best to take it with your fattiest meal due to its effects on fatty acid oxidation.

  4. yeah i hate it.....but when you just choke it down and follow up with a few glasses of water you get it over with,....i also HATE oatmeal so i add in my morning and midday shakes

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