old CEE, still good?

  1. old CEE, still good?

    Hey I searched for an answer but couldn't find anything. A friend of mine who pretty much stopped working out about a year ago due to school, found a bag of CEE he had and said I could have it.

    So the question obviously is, will it still work as it should? It was just in one of those big freezer bags in his kitchen cabinet and its a little over a year old. It was hardened and clumped and I had to break it up. Anyone have any idea? I took some and it definitely has that ever so wonderful CEE taste,lol.

    But I don't want to continue wasting my time if it's not going to do anything.


  2. I had a similar case a while ago with an EAS product and noticed not only did it taste funny but it also didn't feel like it it was working. I decided to speak to someone at EAS about it and they suggested that once it becomes solidified like that the product is beginning to break down and lose some quality. Now, it could have been his sales pitch talking but combined with the taste and lack of impact, I believed him.

  3. I got my CEE in a pretty solid state. It is still sealed so I will pretend it works.

  4. thanks, anyone else know anything for sure?

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