DS's Exceed vs. MAN's Clout

  1. DS's Exceed vs. MAN's Clout

    Has anyone tried both and can give a comparison?

  2. I cant give a comparison on the two as I have never used Clout but I can say that Xceed is the best creatine product I have ever used. I had the best strength increases with it versus many others. It is the only one I buy now.

    Sorry this isn't exactly what you are looking for.

  3. Both are good products, but each work in different ways.

  4. Pre training XCEED and post training ALRI's RegenerationX. My best creatine stack to date.

  5. I've not tried Clout, but I recently finished up (today) Body Octane plus Orotine.

    I like Xceed because the dosing is accurate, I respond well to CEE, the flavor is phenomenal, and the price is very right.

    I like BO/O because, when cutting, the stuff makes you feel like you never want to quit. I'm sure Clout has a similar efficacy.

    My advice would be to buy Xceed now, give it a go. Joey is reformulatin Clout to taste better (from what I've heard it's pretty bad now) at the moment, but when he's done I'd give it a go. Try both, and be the guy to let the rest of us know.

  6. What about SuperPump? I think thats one of the best creatine/no products ever made.

  7. Cre-ethyl thunder by omega sports is up there too..

  8. I actually picked up both supplements, XCEED and Clout! but I havent started taking any of them yet... It was neat to stumble on this post, too bad there isnt many replies.


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