thoughts on SU usage at 7 weeks out/9% bf

  1. thoughts on SU usage at 7 weeks out/9% bf

    been doing a lot of research on sodium usinate/usnic acid and seeing as im in the midst of a cutting cycle and possibly preparing for a competition i got a bottle of SU. I'm 7 weeks out and 9%bf. I've been steadily losing about 2lbs/week and was wondering what everyones thoughts were on the benefits of a cycle of SU compared to the possible side effects. Let me know what you think.


  2. if people have no suggestions but would like to share their experiences with SU/UA with me that would work too, just curious as to what effects it would have for a 2 week cycle at single digit body fat levels.

  3. Here you go dude. I think this may help you.

  4. My experience with SU is a horrific rash after 9 days of use. I didn't notice any weight loss at the time. I took up to 600mg a day.

  5. I used UA for 2 weeks, went up to 2g/day. Had almost no sides. Used about 3g/day ALA and about 2 gals water. Lost 5 lbs of fat in that time. I would only suggest it if you've done your research.



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