bAET ECPE and muscles hardening

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  1. I honestly dont know. I havent tried the non methyl, actually I start the methyl (retain) for the first time this coming sunday. Maybe Imichael or Grunt can give you a ballpark figure. If it were me, and I didnt know anyone taking it that way, Id figure at least 2-3x's what people are taking transdermally. But thats just a guess.

  2. ok
    I'm gonna try retain at 3 caps/day next week and wait to see imichael results and hope to feel the same hardness that people have when they 're on tyro-x + special tacts

  3. Goffio - Mr.50 used to dose at around 100mg a day orally. Have a look in the Custom Nutrition sub-forum, there are two or three threads in there withe some decent info.


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