bAET ECPE and muscles hardening

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by imichael
    Currently I am using 33mg a day transdermally along with 66mg of 7-OH.

    application is in morning after my post workout shower.
    Why do you choose to use a transdermal method?
    I don't know anything about transdermal method but I want to use it with caps.
    Is it ok if I cap the bAET, and take it twice/day (at 50 mg like in retain)?

  2. The bAET in Retain is the methylated compound, which increases the bioavailability as an oral, so you will need a higher dose of the non-methly version.

    I hadn't considered it as an oral, purely because of the ease of use, good absorbption and low cost of the td. Plus capping 25mg or 50mg accurately is not as easy as higher dose caps.

  3. i have never tried any transdermal stuff.
    how can the effectiveness be compare to the caps form?
  4. Smile

    Quote Originally Posted by Goffio69
    i have never tried any transdermal stuff.
    how can the effectiveness be compare to the caps form?
    Depends on what your trying to take. Something with high oral-bioavailability probably would not offer many advantages as a trans-D.
    But products that have a tendancy to be broken down by digestive enzymes and by the liver (thus requiring high doses oraly) on the other hand, could be more effective at a lower dose if taking transdermally.
    Another factor to consider, is the mass of the units. Fine powders can always be pulled through the skin more effectively then larger grain supplements.
    I wanted to put some of my rancid tasting long-jack powder in a trans D, but I wasnt sure if it was fine enough, so I never took the plunge. (last thing I need is rancid long jack powder stuck to my skin all day.)
    Trans D's are pretty easy to make though, and their helpful at delivering certain things. For instance, after the ban, I had some 4 AD powder, (not cypionate). I couldnt brew a good injectable version, (I could have made a suspension, but that would require at least 1 shot a day for something not really potent enough to be worth it.) so I got a trans D formula from a board sponser emptied half of it into another container for later, added 20% DMSO. IE: 4oz of trans D formula would mean .8 oz of DMSO (20% of 4oz=.8oz), and devided the ammount of powder by 4.8 oz (only expressed in milliliters, the conversion for wich I would have to look up.) and that gives you your dose per milliliter. I also heat for 10-15 seconds in microwave after adding DMSO, and again after adding powder and shaking. Then your all set! (just have to shake it before each application to be safe.) In the case of 4AD, the trans D offered a much greater effect at a much lower dose than the caps!

  5. okay,thanx for this answer.
    if i caps the stuff, what dose should i take? do you think 150 mg/day (or more 300mg/day?), taken before bed will be great?

  6. I honestly dont know. I havent tried the non methyl, actually I start the methyl (retain) for the first time this coming sunday. Maybe Imichael or Grunt can give you a ballpark figure. If it were me, and I didnt know anyone taking it that way, Id figure at least 2-3x's what people are taking transdermally. But thats just a guess.

  7. ok
    I'm gonna try retain at 3 caps/day next week and wait to see imichael results and hope to feel the same hardness that people have when they 're on tyro-x + special tacts

  8. Goffio - Mr.50 used to dose at around 100mg a day orally. Have a look in the Custom Nutrition sub-forum, there are two or three threads in there withe some decent info.


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