What ATD based supplement did you find the best?

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  1. What ATD based supplement did you find the best?

    I've tried Novedex Xt while i was on M1t actually and it seemed to get rid of some puffy nips and it really hardened me up, my back broke out a bit also so i knew it was working. I've currently got 2 bottles of Ultra Hotter and i did get some results from them but because they changed from regular ATD to Methyl-ATD it doesn't feel the same at all, doesn't feel nearly as powerful. I'm thinking about picking up some Gasperi Novedex XT or similar product to use in my pct of a Test E cycle. Any suggestions on a good Atd product would be much appreciated.

  2. Rebound XT worked good for me.

  3. In a few weeks I will be able to have a good comparison bween UHer and giant ATD but not for pct, as a standalone

  4. I have tried Rebound XT and Ultra Hotter as part of a PCT regime. The difference between the two was nil. Same strength increase, same acne. My conclusion, find the cheapest ATD possible and buy that. I think Inhibit-E by SNS is the cheapest that I know of.

  5. Inhibit-E worked pretty good for me, I have also tried rebound they are pretty much the same in effects.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Truck 44
    Inhibit-E worked pretty good for me, I have also tried rebound they are pretty much the same in effects.
    Same here , Inhibit-E works great and cheap cost..

  7. So far, UHer is working well but I'll be phasing off of that and onto Rebound soon. If the difference is nil for me, then it's onto bulk powder or cheapo pills.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by raider1
    Same here , Inhibit-E works great and cheap cost..

  9. Inhibit-E hasn't done much for my friend who had only used 6-oxo before that.

    Me on the other hand, used San Attitude with Nolva in a recent pct. when i went to 3 caps a day i was breaking out everywhere, which unfortunately is a good sign.

    It's only $25 as well, so don't discount that one.

  10. I find ATD with Nolva to be a potent PCT combo..best PCT I've ever had.

  11. How long into PCT did you continue the ATD? At what doses?
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  12. Ya Novedex Xt and Attitude are serious considerations, i want a Atd+3-ohat mix.

  13. last PCT looked like this;

    Week 1: UHer 3 pills, Nolva 30 mg, 1 g fenugreek, 200 mg dhea
    Week 2: UHer 2 pills, Nolva 20 mg, 1 g fenu, 200 mg dhea
    Week 3: UHer 1 pill, Nolva 20 mg, 1.5 g fenu, 100 mg dhea
    Week 4: UHer 1 pill, Nolva 10 mg, 2 g fenu, 25 mg dhea

    I ran it a little longer because of the gyno scare.

  14. PCT:

    Week 1: 60mg Nolva/20mg San ATD/2 caps LX

    Week 2: 40mg Nolva/40mg San ATD/2 caps LX

    Week 3: 20mg Nolva/60mg San ATD/2 caps LX

    Week 4: ATD for a few more days at 60mg...LX 1 cap

    was also popping some tribulus throughout and into week 5/6

    nothing for nothing but the LX is the single best *addition* to a PCT (not it's definitely not capable of pct on it's own but you get the hint)

    if you are reading this and you are unsure whether or not to get LX, do it, it will lean your gut out instantly even if you are already lean like me, and will help solidify the gains.

  15. Ya i intend on running some Lean Extreme for 8 weeks along with a Attitude maybe.

  16. Maybe it's just me, but I didn't notice a bit of difference when using either LX or Retain. Just something else I don't have to spend my money on.

  17. I thought there was a disscusion on the[ 3 ohat]added to atd did not do much?

  18. Conspiracy music please.

    I have my own private theory with ATD and I am probably wrong. I've taken Rebound XT as part of my PCT ( Minus Nolva) And I looked great into PCT, but later own I had what felt like an estrogen rebound. Almost like I had zapped my nattie estro levels so much they had to elevate post admin in order to equal out. So I personally learned why a SERM is necessary in PCT and ATD may be helpful, but I am waiting until I am smarter this time. Am I way off?
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  19. That's basically my take as well. I use the SERM to bid up the estrogen receptors in the breast tissue and the ATD to lower E levels and spark up some HPTA function in concert with the SERM. I could easily be wrong but it seems to work well for me.

    An estrogen rebound is, IMO, very hard to avoid. I seem to always have one after every pct even if I taper down slowly. Mega dosing vitamin C with a little B6 seemed to help this along with cAMPHI.

  20. You need to taper down off of ATD ya i've read that if you don't taper down their will be rebound. This doesn't suprise me it's the same with Femara.

  21. I think even with the tapering you still get it simply because there's no way to split the dose small enough. These new compounds are pretty strong.

  22. ATD is so strong that until I am certain I can use or abuse it correctly, then I may hold off using it. I am sitting on 5 or 6 grams so its not like its going anywhere without me. I am most interested in a low dose ATD transdermal. What do you guys think about that?
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  23. Dermabolics makes a transdermal ATD product and it's 750mg PER BOTTLE!

  24. I use Giant Nutritions' ATD.... it's all I have been using.... And I have 90%+ of all my gains. I have some info I saved from another forum regarding ATD...

    Horm Behav. 1989 Mar;23(1):10-26.

    Effects of ATD on male sexual behavior and androgen receptor binding: a reexamination of the aromatization hypothesis.

    Kaplan ME, McGinnis MY.

    Department of Anatomy, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, CUNY, New York 10029.

    The aromatization hypothesis asserts that testosterone (T) must be aromatized to estradiol (E2) to activate copulatory behavior in the male rat. In support of this hypothesis, the aromatization inhibitor, ATD, has been found to suppress male sexual behavior in T-treated rats. In our experiment, we first replicated this finding by peripherally injecting ATD (15 mg/day) or propylene glycol into T-treated (two 10-mm Silastic capsules) or control castrated male rats. In a second experiment, we bilaterally implanted either ATD-filled or blank cannulae into the medial preoptic area (MPOA) of either T-treated or control castrated male rats. With this more local distribution of ATD, a lesser decline in sexual behavior was found, suggesting that other brain areas are involved in the neurohormonal activation of copulatory behavior in the male rat. To determine whether in vivo ATD interacts with androgen or estrogen receptors, we conducted cell nuclear androgen and estrogen receptor binding assays of hypothalamus, preoptic area, amygdala, and septum following treatment with the combinations of systemic T alone. ATD plus T, ATD alone, and blank control. In all four brain areas binding of T to androgen receptors was significantly decreased in the presence of ATD, suggesting that ATD may act both as an androgen receptor blocker and as an aromatization inhibitor. Competitive binding studies indicated that ATD competes in vitro for cytosol androgen receptors, thus substantiating the in vivo antiandrogenic effects of ATD. Cell nuclear estrogen receptor binding was not significantly increased by exposure to T in the physiological range. No agonistic properties of ATD were observed either behaviorally or biochemically. Thus, an alternative explanation for the inhibitory effects of ATD on male sexual behavior is that ATD prevents T from binding to androgen receptors.

  25. That study is retardedly meaningless for our use.

    How much does an average test rat weigh? a half pound? 15mgs into a half pound animal is the equivalent of 6 grams into a 200 pound man.

    They say "Thus, an alternative explanation for the inhibitory effects of ATD on male sexual behavior is that ATD prevents T from binding to androgen receptors.

    I say an alternative explanation is that they are using rats, an animal with a very different endocrine response to androgens than humans, and chose to inject an insanley high amount of ATD, the end result is a study that has no semblance to the reality of usual human oral dosing. They may be right, but not because of the flawed methods of that study, study pig response to an appropriate oral dose and get back to us, doctoral dumbasses.


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