activate,x-factor,lean xtreme stack???

  1. activate,x-factor,lean xtreme stack???

    I just finished an X-factor cycle on the 13th and am now taking Higher Power CE3 and their AEE. for my next X-factor cycle in the next 40 something days i was thinking of stacking these with it. Since I'm 17 with already high test levels I thought I really wouldn't need the rebound XT with the rest of the NHA stack. The Activate could be used to already free my bound test. from SHGB. and the lean xtreme would be used to help lean out along with the X-factor since "X" has also has said to burn fat even on bulks. I'm not fat but a little around my abs that i want rid of. I dont think I really need to "cut" because I'm 152-155lbs.,5'9, at 17yrs old. so would doing this stack with a clean diet, heavy lifting, and cardio 3-4 times a week be alright to help me reach my goal of leaning out a little while still adding muscle and striength????

  2. At 17, i recommend you do not use activate or lean xtreme. I imagine the MN reps would say the same for x-factor.

    With a few extra years of lifting experience you will likely make much better gains from the use of all or any of these products.
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