Methyl X & Methyl Test 1

  1. Methyl X & Methyl Test 1

    Does anyone remeber what the difference between the two were? Would you stack the two?

  2. Definately would stack another methyl w/ m1t.... m1t is too methylated for me... i wouldn't use it. JMO

  3. so how would you take the two?

  4. m1t for 2 weeks first week 10mg and second 15mg with proper PCT... and i donno what methyl-x is

  5. I thought M1T = test, d-bol
    methyl x = primobolin, decca ???
  6. Unbreakable
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    Quote Originally Posted by MGH1982
    m1t is too methylated for me... i wouldn't use it. JMO
    Curious, what exactly is too methylated?
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by B5150
    Curious, what exactly is too methylated?
    Well just in my opinion it is... i judge them by the # of side effects to how harsh they r on the liver. Just me though.


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