Proteolytic enzymes

  1. Proteolytic enzymes

    I am taking in alot of protein right now on a bulking cycle and I am looking for any recs or opinions on a good broad spectrum digestive enzyme for protein (bromelain, papain, pancreatin, trypsin, chymotrypsin, and rutin type of stuff).

    I was taking one prodcut awhile ago, but it was filled with other stuff that I did not want, so I am looking for any other prodcut leads.


    NOW's Super Enzymes looks fairly good and they do have good reputation, but looking for others to compare.

  2. I use Mega-Zyme (meal time) by Enzymatic therapy and it is a pretty solid product for the price.

  3. NOW Super Enzymes kick ass. Good price too. It definitly helps and it keeps gas from smellin so damn bad when your on a Bobo diet! haha

  4. Thanks for the replies. They both look good.

    How many pills are you guys taking a day and do you take them right before your meals and or protein shakes??

    I am taking in apporx 300 grams of protein, mainly through WPI.

  5. i take 1 during a meal so 6 a day. Dymatize whey has enzymes already added to it. I'm not sure if your WPI does or not but I would take a pill with it if they aren't already added cuz whey doesn't digest too great on its own

  6. Bump on the Dymatize whey. I think it's my favorite whey i've used so far. The cafe mocha flavor is delicious. I take the enzymes with 3 or 4 of my meals, and i usually take two of them at a time.

  7. You can also get an anti-inflammatory effect from enzymes when taken on an empty stomach


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