Thyroid Support

  1. Thyroid Support

    I am currently taking an ECA stack with tyrosine. Would adding Metabolic Thyolean be helpful? I have already done searches on Thyrolean so please dont ask me to do a search. Also, are there any negative effects to thryolean?

    Any Help would be appreciated.


  2. Well, if you did actually do a search on thyrolean you find these are the ingredients:

    Nutrition Facts:
    Serving Size (cap) 6
    Servings Per Bottle 20
    Calcium(mg) 275
    Phosphorus(mg) 320
    Sodium(mg) 110
    Potassium(mg) 190
    Phosphatidylcholine 75
    Gum Guggle (mg) 750
    GarciniaCambogia(mg 750
    L-Tyrosine(mg) 750

    With that said you could determine that the main ingredients there that are primary to thyroid function are tyrosine and gum guggle. You have tyrosine, and now do a search on guggulsterones and find your answer. My opinion: don't waste your money, and if you really want guggulsterones, go with syntrax's gugglebolic. Gonna have to give you a D in research 101 man, sorry

  3. The reason I was asking was because I read good remarks on Thyrolean, but I also read that the guggul used in Thyrolean wasn't good.

    Thanks for the Reply JWeave

  4. 7-keto is another option too.
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  5. Smile

    Thanks Bobo

    I was just looking into that!



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