since i have sworn off the harsher stuff i have decided to try my hand at a fairly cheap 2 month anabolic regimen that is as follows
-100% chlorella growth factor $30.00
-high potency quercetin $7.00
-resveratrol complex $20.00
-k-r-ala $7.79
-veggies4life tablets $8.00
-full spectrum cinnamon $3.00
-fenugreek 3.00
-nettle root 4.00
-muira puama 5:1 extract 6.00
-bcaa's 9.00
-maca 4:1 extract 8.00
-trib 20% saponin 5.00
I hope to achieve from these a slight natural increase in hormonal efficiency towards anabolism with insulogenic affects as well, i will also include my standard multi vitamin and some malic acid i have laying around with mega dose vitamin c, I hope that in 2 months to maybe see 3-4 pounds of quality lean mass accrual with a corresponding 1-2% drop in bodyfat, both achievable goals with sound nutrition and training and the above supplementation. All for about 100 bucks.