to gain some lean mass

  1. to gain some lean mass

    whats the best product to gain some good lean mass i wanna gain 10 pounds ive done alot of research but i like to get pls input?

  2. I like tpro if you want to go the ph way--otherwise just keep your protein levels up and work hard, very hard, for a long time

  3. please be more vague

    Ok, are you thinking non-PH supps, or PH's also (if so wrong section)? What is your diet like?

  4. 10 pounds LEAN mass?? I bet you want it in a couple months too?? Follow me to the steriod section j/k Theres no substitute for good ol' gear

    * Bone does not want you to try steriods. You dont have enough knowledge on the matter. Check back with Bone in a year lmao*



  5. go tpro and ua. after you have done research on both. 


    this was you in your other thread (in the wrong section btw)... now you're saying 10 lbs... so is it 6? or 10? or anywhere in between? do you have clearly defined goals besides losing "some" bf, and gaining "some" lbm? there is no "best product" (except for Chemo's dermals, bwaha ), there are only aids that will certainly help, provided you have the big three down (nutrition, training, rest)... I know you've also said you have "done alot of research", and I'm not trying to sound harsh, but from the vagueness of this question I'd suggest yet more reading and clearly defining your goals.

  7. Bump to biggin , in order to grow you just need 3 key magical ingredients eh? Training , Nutrition and Rest, 85% of the whole sucess is dependent on the primary factor : NUTRITION. So get your sound nutrition set then work toward your goals. After you have a hang opf what your body likes and what not, then you can decide to invest your precious $$ on a gear.

  8. well can you give me something interesting to read?

  9. Originally posted by madmuscle
    well can you give me something interesting to read?
    Well you could start with the hundreds of threads in this board that deal with your exact question concerning sups, PHs and gear.

  10. Originally posted by Biggin
    ROFL, damn you beat me.

  11. Originally posted by madmuscle
    well can you give me something interesting to read?

    Yes. This isnt a board for such unresearched, vague questions. Theres other boards out there for that.

  12. Originally posted by YellowJacket
    Theres other boards out there for that.

  13. Originally posted by madmuscle
    well can you give me something interesting to read?
    I agree with Raul and Biggin that nutrition must be in order before anything else. Without proper nutrition, training will not yield results. I suggest you read Barry Sears "Zone Diet" to learn the basics of a high protein, low carb diet. I would venture to say that the majority of people on this board adhere to Sears' basic nutrition principles.


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