AST multipro32x problems

  1. Unhappy AST multipro32x problems

    I have been taking the above mentioned multi two times daily for a little while now. However, I am stopping tomorrow. 3 out of 4 times that I take it it gives me a severe stomach ache and its all I can do to keep from vomitting. It makes me very very sick to my stomach. I have tried taking it with and without food. With diff foods and what not. But just about everytime like clock work, my stomach gets tore up 10 min after taking it and lasts about 20 min. I have taken this exact multi before last year with no what gives??? Im done with it until I can figure out wtf is going on!!!

    also Im not takin any other supps other than fish oils.

  2. Stop taking them first and see if they are the actual cause to your stomachache..

  3. I forgot to mention that. I stopped taking them for two days and never got any stomach pains/ nasuea...ect. I started again yesterday and got the ill effects both yesterday and today. I think its safe to say I am done with them.

  4. Give some samples to your friends? See if it makes them sick..

  5. I gave one to my roommate and he said he didnt notice anything......soooo weird

  6. Switch multi-vitamins. I had the same problem with jamieson multi but switched to another type and I dont have this problem. I have tried another brand since, no recurrance of syptoms (which mimicked yours except I was actually driven to vomiting).

  7. checking in.
    same thing happend to me, i stoped taking them and no more nausua. Your description is accurate aswell, the pain was pretty intense. it dindt last very long maybe 30 min -45 min. but it was one hell of a ride

  8. Its just so weird...last year I had no troubles with this exact it feels like im goin to keep over from stomach problems. Intense is the right word too!

  9. HOLY CRAP!!!!

    dude, i have just started taking these again cause i ran out of my other vitamins and i get stomach pains also, didnt even think that it could be the multi's.....ive taken them for a long time also with no problems, interesting.

  10. Try now adam.

  11. i would take them on/ with
    a cup of oatmel
    protein drink
    multi ast
    glucosamine and msm

    an hr later- horriable stomach pains.
    and hr 30 min later- no more pains.

    i havent taken any multi's since then
    i was gonna try my luck at now's adams or something of the sort.

  12. skipped taking the multi this mourning....and bam..the stomach pains/ nasuea went away. So weird.


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