Allergic to Glutamine?

  1. Allergic to Glutamine?

    First off, this isn't a thread about whether glutamine is a waste of money or not.

    I just want to find out if anybody else has been having reactions to their glutamine?

    I've been taking ON glutamine on and off for the last few months and am nearly convinced that I must be allergic to this stuff. For 12-36 hours after taking 5-8g of glutamine with my post workout shake, or pre-sleep shake, my throat gets a bit constricted, wheezy and I feel like I'm about to get a sore throat. But it never progresses past this point. If I stop taking glutamine, I return to normal after 12-36 hours depending on how much, and how long I had been on the product.

    Could I be allergic to this stuff?

    I did not have problems years ago with a different brand glutamine (EAS) so I'm a bit uncertain. I also do wonder if there are differences in glutamine from different companies. I do not notice anything, or feel anything that I can attribute to the ON glutamine, but when I was on the EAS glutamine, it felt like my digestive process was enhanced and I was hungry more. However this was about 4 years ago when I was younger and had a faster metabolism.

    Finally, does anybody know if Glucophase XR shares any of the same chemicals as glutamine because I also have been noticing the same symptoms when taking GXR.

    I think the whole thing is rather odd...


  2. I wouldn't think it an allergy to glutamine itself but possibly any chemicals that are accompanying it in whatever form you are taking it. Unless of course some inborn genetic issue is involved. Glutamine is synthesized in the body so an allergy to it wouldn't seem likely. JMO
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  3. Do companies typically mix other things into their glutamine? Maybe stuff to make it white if it's not naturally white? Or things to keep it from clumping? Perseratives? My label says it's 100% pure glutamine so...


  4. sounds like it may be contaminated with something during prossesing. take it back and get another brand.

  5. yeah, probably a bad batch.

  6. glutamine does have side effects unfortunately (oh and you can definitely be allergic to it too btw)...i found this out the hard way....but all weight lifters will tell you differently, doctors tell the truth
    the exact same thing was happening to me when i was taking it...
    yes your body does make it naturally but when in excessive amounts it has side effects....
    the number one side effect is laryngitis or hoarseness....

    here are the other side effects, coughing, headache, hoarseness, frequent urge to defecate and, straining while passing stool.

    you just got to stop taking bro, i know how much that sucks feeling like you are losing your voice, i was also have these headaches in the front of my head from it....

    some people just react differently, good luck

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  8. You would likely be dead if you were allergic to glutamine. It's probably a filler or something completely unrelated that's causing the problem.

  9. Way to resurrect a three year old thread.

    There is glutamine/glutamic acid in everything.

    It is the most abundant amino acid in the body.

    Glutamine is not MSG.
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