need advice

  1. need advice

    i'm trying to get in really good shape for this summer (boot camp). i work out 3 times a week for an hour or so, plus jogging 2-3 nights a week. my roomate's a wrestler and is tellin me to take creatine. is there anyting better or should i just start taking it

  2. creatine is good but it bloats you so while cutting bad idea but if you wanna pack on extra muscle go for it creatine well put on about 3-5 pds in month. swole v2 is good.

  3. creatine mono bloats you the newer creatines dont.

  4. Definately just start with the basics. The best value when it comes to creatine is to buy it in can manage to buy 500 servings for around $20. Check out CNW, Bulk Nutrition, Primaforce,etc. as they all have bulk containers of both CEE and Creatine Mono. Other than that you should pick up a multi-vitamin, protein powder, fish oils, and possibly a stim to take pre-workout. Drink as much water as possible, eat, and grow!

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