Cissus Question

  1. Cissus Question

    I know cissus helps heal tendons and all that good stuff, but what about bone health? I'm now unable to run indoor track because I just got a stress fracture in my foot (in one of the small bones that runs up and down my foot) Would taking cissus help speed the healing process up? I mean any time at all in the process would be awesome.


  2. I would invest in some cal/mag .. the cissus may have a role in helping bone harden, however i do not think that it is nearly as good or any better than cal/mag... i could be wrong.. maybe coesom can chime in...

  3. I'm no Dr. D, but I have had great results using Cissus to heal my RC problem. I definitely would try it. Having used everything else, there is nothing better IMHO. Viel Glueck

  4. Give this a read:

    Cissus RX FAQ?
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by 400runner
    Would taking cissus help speed the healing process up?y
    In fact the majority of the few studies on cissus focus on the increased speed of healing bone fractures. The protocol in several studies where fracture healing speed was increased by an average of 33+% was to take cissus concurrent with calcium/magnesium. One theory is that cissus increases bone absorption of calcium...however the mechansim is not yet understood.

    My own experience indicates that this protocol works. I used it with great success to help mend broken ribs in under 4 weeks.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MaynardMeek
    i do not think that it is nearly as good or any better than cal/mag... i could be wrong.
    Great advice MaynardMeek on the cal/mag supplementation as it has been proven many times over (in well respected Journals) to be necessary in the healing process.

    However Cal/mag and Cissus taken together appear (from limited studies) to have a synergistic effect with the result being faster healing than if either is taken alone.

  7. sweet. thanks for the info guys. im supposed to be out for at least another 5 weeks...maybe i can cut this down, and even a week would make me more than happy.

  8. started taking cissus today along with camp. will update every few days.

  9. I fractured a rib the other day and I have been taking cissus at 9 caps a day for the past month for other injuries and it has worked great. Hope you get a speedy recovery bro.

  10. thanks man. the pain killing properties of cissis are felt. but right now im just still babying my foot as i want it to heal as fast as possiable. im sorry to hear about your rib. i bet thats very painful.

  11. it relieves me to read all your personal experiences w/ cissus rx.

    i broke my left humerus bone 2 weeks ago & life for me really sucked from then on...losing mad muscles & getting fat in the wrong places. on top of that, typing w/ 1 hand is tiring! i literally heard my bone snap & picked up my limp arm...anyways...

    question: i have some left over camphibolic, can i take it to help bone recovery even if im sitting @ home doing nothing because of my injury? or should i dish out $22 for cissus rx?

    hope to hear from you all, thanx!


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