Hey Dr. D

  1. Hey Dr. D

    I beg your attention for just a moment...

    friend of mine is running t-3 from IBE... the long short of it is.. he did notice a high BPM around 110, but after about 3 weeks it became normal and today he is actually lower than normal but ave for one who works out often... he has lost no fat, no muscle,.... when trimax was not as "gray" he had wonderful results... why would one not respond to T-3 at all if the responded well to triac... his t-3 dose was 100mcg a day... thats high.. i know...

    this is in no way a bash on IBE's products.. i have used and been very happy with IBE and so have many many other people.. even with their T3.. so please, donate half if not all of next weeks pay cheque to IBE... then spend the next weeks at USPlabs....

  2. let me tell you a story of a man named BUMP!

  3. What is his diet like? T-3 will help but it's not going to lose the weight for you. Also, is he dosing on an empty stomach or with meals? I have heard that with such small doses as mcg the actives can get caught up with all the food and flushed through before absorbing. I can't verify that but I dose it on an empty stomach just to be sure. I set my alarm for an hour or so before I normally get up, dose the T-3 & EC stack and go back to bed for an hour. When I wake up i'm ready for cardio.
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  4. his diet is very well balanced and excludes all "sugars" . and he is taking 100mcg thru out the day on an empty stomach... he is doing everything correctly...

  5. If his diet is sound and in a caloric deficit with a decent amount of cardio, he should be losing weight even w/o T3. Does he track his macros?
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  6. they way i understand it from him is this... he is not doing t-3 for weight loss.. he is a male model and is looking to just cut up and lean out for some up comming shoot.. he started very very slow but worked up to 100mcg because he is stupid... with t-3 and i told him he had to look out for muscle loss and thusly gave him some things to prevent that.. HOWEVER.. with his diet in as perfect check as one could have it.. he has not noticed any change or any reaction to t-3 ... though in the first week, his heart rate did go up .. it is now down in "normal" range for one who is very active etc...

    i am stummped on why he had dramtic results with trimax but now with t-3 nothing..

    as for macros.. i really have to ask him more about that . i cant answer that at this time

  7. What is the diff between weight loss and cutting up/leaning out? The way you cut or lean out is by losing weight, namely adipose tissue. He needs to make sure he is in a caloric deficit. Find out if he is tracking macros, if he is, he should reduce calories a bit and adjust as necc according to results. If he is not tracking macros then his diet is not in as perfect check as one might think.
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