Supplement ?

  1. Supplement ?

    Hello this is my first time posting on this board. Im a powerlifter who has been competing for around 7 years now. I have some questions about the new pro-steroids or pro horemones which ever one you want to call them. Are there any of them out there that you can run for a long amount of time like 10-12 weeks like you could with 4-ad or 1-test? Right now im using 4-ad transdermal and i was wondering if there is anything else out there that could be run like that. I want to save my methyles for like 6 weeks out from the comp.
    Also what are some good new supps for strength that are out on the market now im looking at SD and Halodrol and from what i've read they both sound good. Thanks

  2. Hey welcome to the board. As long as you are 21 or older you can check the anabolic forum, all the info you need is right there.

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