1. Cort.

    Whats the best cortisol control compound or supplement to use during PCT to retain gained muscles.


  2. Ive seen some threads about lean extreme. Go to the DS threads and read up on that. I used it during my PCT but was working concrete so my diet was all F'd up plus some.

  3. I use 7-oxo powder in a trandermal solution. Reduces cortisol and helps to lean you out. Basically the same active ingredient as lean extreme but much more cost effective.
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  4. No 7-oxo is not the same than 7-OH found in lean extreme. 7-Oxo is metabolized into 7-OH.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by sir.kevin
    No 7-oxo is not the same than 7-OH found in lean extreme. 7-Oxo is metabolized into 7-OH.
    I did not say it was the same, just basically the same. As you correctly stated it metabolizes into 7-oh. Lean exreme is $30+ per bottle that won't even last a month. 7-oxo although less potent as it needs to metabolize can be used transdermally in a much lower effective dose. Optimally you could purchase the 7-OH powder and use it transdermally and use an even lower dose but I have never used it personally so it is hard for me to recommend from experience. Apologies for not being clear in prev post.
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  6. Sorry missed the Basically.
    Do you have any idea where we can find 7-OH powder. I haven't find any yet.


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