How long does mixed protein last?

  1. How long does mixed protein last?

    I usually take a protein shake to work every day but I mix it up before I go. I usually make it with milk and usually I make a serving and a half of Optimum 100% Whey and take it 2 or 3 times during the day with other meals and stuff. I'm just courious about how long does the protein stay good being that its already mixed with the milk or does it break down after a short amount of time in the milk?

  2. Why wouldnt you just bring the milk with you and mix it when you need it?

  3. People just got fired for sharing Aspirin and the last thing I want to do is get caught mixing up some white powdery substance into my drinks at work. Its just more convient to mix it before I leave. Just wondered how long it takes to break down before its not really effective.

  4. refrigerated? what are you afraid it will break down into if that is your concern?
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  5. I have some p.powder which says to consume within 12 hours of mixing.

  6. WTF....where in the hell do you work....getting fired for aspirin! I've shown a few people my stash of **** (a vitamin holder with about 7 different things). Although all of the things are completely natural, except ephedrine, which isn't label.

  7. I work at a fairly large factory and they are really strict about pills and well possibility of drugs. I'm hoping to get out of the place soon but I need a job and its better then nothing.

    mindgames- thanks for an answer I was looking for more or less. I mix my protein shake before going to work but sometimes I space it out and at the last break I sometimes take some depending on what I pack in my lunch for the day. When I do this though the protein shake even changes taste and I was wondering like if it had a certain time frame before it should be used when it gets mixed with something. I know some supplements desolve and become inactive after so long when mixed. I really didn't think that a proten shake would "go bad" since you can buy premixed ones in cans but I just wanted to make sure and since this forum seems to be one of the more informative ones and less bs then the others so I thought I'd ask here first.

  8. I mix mine before work, keep it in my frige under my desk and drink it 8 hrs later - been doing this for 3 years - so far so good, heat is the only thing that breaks substances down. your fine.


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