1fast400 Carries Dextrose

  1. 1fast400 Carries Dextrose

    Dextrose @ 1fast400.com

    Recently added I believe, 2lbs for $2. Beats supplement direct's price in the end......just a heads up.

  2. very cool.. thanks YJ

  3. not bad! once it's cheaper than buying it from the natural foods store, I'll give it a go

  4. Thanks but, I'm an oatmeal-man now.

  5. Just saw that. It is really about time this was widely carried. Made no sense not to. Don't these ****in site owners read the forums? Every other thread has a dextrose reference. I guess it takes a sledgehammer to the head to wake some of these dopes up. Bravo, Mike!

  6. When I lived in the states I used corn sugar (dextrose) from a home brewery supply store. 5lbs for 4.50. Here in SG they have a product called Glucolin which is 100% glucose they sell in supermarkets. You can even get it flavored which means I don't have to add un-sweetened kool-aid! The flavored does have a bit of sucrose but not much. I don't know if they have this in the states. It would be with the baby food or ensure. Beats paying shipping for such a bulky item.

  7. Appears to be out of stock at 1fast.

  8. The problem is with shipping. I just placed a large order which came in today, minus the dextrose of course. The weight of shipping kill is. When shipping, it is a wash, just trying to help out

  9. $2 for 2lbs is more than reasonable, especially when you order 5 or 6 at a time.


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