capping bcaa, glutamine peptides, and hmb

  1. capping bcaa, glutamine peptides, and hmb

    i ordered some bcaa, glutamine peptides, and hmb powders. i cant stand the taste of them so i decided to cap them. now, my question many caps r considered too many for your body to handle. i would like to cap the bcaa and glutamine in '00' size caps since they hold more, and the hmb in the '0' caps. im hopin to get aorund 20g of bcaa, 10g glutamine, and 3g hmb per day. that would equate to around 54 caps every day. do u think that is too many? any help or input is greatly appreciated. JDOG

  2. I really don't understand what you are trying to find out here. Are you actually worried about swallowing that many caps, or are you afraid it will effect your system? I think that it would certainly not but I would say that for 54 caps a day, it would be a lot more worth it just to man up. Besides...from what I hear, capping is a bitch. Good luck with capping 1620 capsules....and thats only a months worth.

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