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    Hey, been doing whey protien with my prohormone cycle for a month now. Lately I notice a little fat around the abs and at 41 years old its tough to lose. Is there any other protien sups besides powders or crystals ( those are way to expensive for how much you need to take) I could use to get me to the 300g I need without putting unwanted fat on.

    (I am using skim milk, can't stand the taste of soy milk)

  2. The protein isnt making you fat. Either foods you are eating or the protein powder contains a lot of sugars (malto. mainly). What protein powder are you using?

  3. Protein isn't magic, good or bad. It's not the protein that's causing fat gain, its the excess calories. Actually, protein is the least likely macronutrient to be stored as body fat and has the greatest thermic effect of foods. Check the rest of your diet, you are what you eat. First, like most will tell you, if price is a concern get a whey concentrate like Optimum Nutrition's for 25 bucks for 5lbs. Also, check the protein you are taking and see if its just protein or is a meal replacement and has carbs. Third, depending on the prohormone's you are using, you might just be experiencing some bloat, are you taking any anti-e's now and post cycle? Finally, if your worried about gaining too much fat, either cut calories a bit, do more (or some) cardio, or both.
    Happy Cycle

    guess YJ beat me to it, at least we had the same ideas.

  4. Thanks for the replies, my diet consist mostly of chicken, turkey, and fish (no skins) , a lot of fruit, yogurt and protien bars. I use the GNC brand of powders. I play ice hockey and skate for cardio, my be due to age I need to be a little more strict with my foods.
    can you explain anti-e's? do you mean like a estrogen blocker?

  5. yes anti-estrogen ie estrogen blocker....arimidex/ldex, nolva, clomid, oxo, a few others around. Since many prohormones aromatize like real steroids, you might be either bloating from them, or gaining estrogenic fat deposits from them. Also, cut down on the fruit and protein bars. Fruit is primarily fructose, which replenishes liver before muscle glycogen stores. Not what you want. Eat complex carbs that are low GI like oatmeal, whole wheat breads, sweat potatoes, brown rice etc.

  6. Will do, Thanks Scottyo


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