ergo max,superdrol,and pheraplex

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  1. Kids also binge drink and drive at reckless speeds and unfortunetly pain is one of the only ways to really get the attention and respect of teenagers who already know everything. WHEN he does this and WHEN he hurts himself you can only say i told you so , so i support dr.d and would tell him he needs to find a serm for pct and should not stack and he probably bought his supps already and tell him to search other cycles. CMON kid eat train grow your hormones are the highest they will ever be and you want to ruin that to grow up too fast. YOur body can only add so much muscle at a given time, stacking these methyls WILL do damage. Look at i like a teenager would understand your having a few beers having fun and thinking smoking weed and slamming a bottle of tequila will make you have 10x more fun. OVERKILL you are gonna do great just eating steak and chicken, buy some CEE buy some NO2 get some krealkalyn and just be patient. BTW i dont condone deliquency in minors and DONT think you should drink or smoke pot. I waited until I was 21 to try prohormones and was not well educated, you could say i was a step up on yourself and i regret jumping into it. I hope y ou wait and remember life is a series of decisions I could be mad cause people are getting rich selling drugs, but doesnt mean i should do it. You atleast will know what your doing when you are ready. Tell your friends about the mistakes they are making.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by crobar1
    Does anyone know if there is a test yet for Superdrol? NCAA or WADA? Does anyone know the detection time?

    A few months max on the detection (unless it's a hait test, then longer) but there is not yet a test that I am aware of

  3. Quote Originally Posted by somewhatgifted
    ... remember life is a series of decisions ...
    Amen! It's all cause and effect, that's what everyone should remember.



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