using NAC and why

  1. using NAC and why

    So far i have learned about N acetyl-cysteine and that it is very good for ridding the body of free radicals in the body, which are created while on cycle of orals such as SD and PP. ( correct me if i am wrong ). Also i learned that due to that use of the NAC it can have a positive effect on the liver. NOw if u ran NAC and milk thistle then when would you want the dosing to be and how to split.

  2. Go for preps that include both....

    I like Pro Liver and Perfect Cycle. Perfect Cycle also has R-ALA which I was taking in a separate supplement with Pro Liver.

    No need to re-invent the wheel....

    Have fun,

  3. I do 600 mg of milk thistle and 1000 mg of NAC all year round. NAC is great for building up your glutathione levels, that's how it helps your liver (and as an anti-oxidant)

  4. it also proported to reduce insulin resistance

  5. NAC is one of the best all around supps you can take, for almost every organ in your body. the fact that it can help with serious liver pathologies has him relegated to a liver supplement but it is so much more.

    Quote Originally Posted by B5150
    it also proported to reduce insulin resistance

    how exactly? any links? thanks...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by judge-mental

    how exactly? any links? thanks...
    Here is a link to a thread which has some cridible links in it. Keep in mind that that I said 'proported' (proposed) and that there is always the rat:human testing issues involved. Spook is very very credible. But read for yourselves what was discussed. Interprate what you can. Those guys get very high end in their discussions.

    Certainly don't take my post as gospel.

  7. spook in that thread says:
    I was just pointing out that is highly unlikely it works as a glucose disposal agent in humans. Its not surprising in rats given rats very high metabolism (higher metabolism means more ROS). But people are different in this respect.

  8. There you go.

  9. I should know this thread I posted in it :-)

    anyway, back to NAC, its shaggadelic. I luv it.


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