mixing Gaba and Alcar

  1. mixing Gaba and Alcar

    gaba inhibits certain chemicals while making oje feel relaxed.

    Alcar uptakes dopamine , if im not mistaken. would mixing these two have a chemicaal effects, could it cause a change in chemical structure and what are the side effects?

  2. Poor Smeton, always posting inquiries that no one knows the true answer to.

    If I told you that GABA and ALCAR together will produce explosive dirrahea and Torrett like outbursts and tics in young males, would you believe me?

    I think you need to experiment with Gaba, Phenibut, benzo scripts, Bromocreptine, Carbogoline, Mucuna Bean and Deprenyl in varying measures to find a dopamine/relaxation combo or just get/make some G**.

  3. I seriously doubt there would be any synergy between GABA and ALCAR. If there was, you might be able to expect an effect similar to GHB. But there isn't, so don't worry

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