Need a good superdrol stack

  1. Need a good superdrol stack

    Just wandering if anyone would recommend anything besides Nolva to be a good stack for superdrol..nothing against nolva..just wandering if anyone has stacked anything else with it..Also wandering what anyone thinks about NO Xplode alone being good enough for my pct to keep any gains


  2. All I want is help...would realy like some honest feedback

  3. Ok.... buddy. You need to do a lil more research. You dont stack superdrol with nolva.... You use it for PCT.

  4. I have only been lifting for around four years..always natural..then a friend at the gym told me about superdrol and said how he stacked it with nolva..thought i would ask around before i tried anything...done kwite a bit of research actually

  5. It would be appreciated for some actual good info if someone could actually squeeze some in with the the sarcasm

  6. if u did quite a bit a reserach then u would know that noexplode wouldont do much of a damn thing for you for pct. how the hell is that gonna bring ur test levels back to normal and suppress estrogen. u couldont of done much reserach at all, or you would atleast know what a half decent pct is. Nolva is ran for pct or when gyno shows during a cycle.

  7. Then tell me a good stack...and a good pct...and a good cutting cycle...i'm here for info from people like you that have been doing this longer than i have..i'm certainly not here to insult your intelligence

  8. Ok he took his beating...give him the info
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  9. it's my first time..i expected to sound dumb about this stuff even though i have read kwite a bit about different things..i certainly have taken a beating already

  10. First, look up on the top tool bar for the search icon. Write superdrol then click go. You will find about 90 threads about it. here is the link to my previous cycle. I am planning on doing another.

  11. Also add:
    multi V
    ultra hotter
    rebound xt
    oderless garlic
    hawthorne berry
    pro liver
    milk thistle
    pct to your search schedule. I am not bieng a dick head here. These are all things you need to read about before you even think about buying and taking some SD. It can make you very ill if misused. Tell your friend he is a dumbass and he needs to do a proper pct depending on how longago he stopped. Maybe some gyno precautions. Anymore questions ask AFTER RESEARCH! You are going to continue to get a beating cause this is why all these great supps are getting banned. No reseach and people getting sick cause of it. Take it with a grain of salt and press on.

  12. First of all, you need to post, PH/AAS experience etc.. I think that the sarcasm stems from coming out with a first post which clearly exemplifies your lack of knowledge with PH/AAS. You then go on to defend that post by saying that you've done "kwite a bit of research" which is obviously untrue.

    I would start with some research on methyl ph's and their side effects. If this is your first cycle, I would also consider running something solo rather than stacking. I would research things such as estrogen and PCT (serms and AI's). After a few weeks of reading, then come back and rephrase your question.
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  14. i dont mind to flame on ya hard, as i am learning too, but i am mad cause u lied and said u did a good bit of research and if u did you would know that noexplode as a pct haha no freakin way. But with that aside just go to the PCt section on here and read up there are a ton of threads on it. Also just so ya know people are having alot of gyno problems with it weeks done the road so u better be prepared for a while if u use it.

  15. sd is bad for your liver, cardiovascular system, testosterone production (when shut down from superdrol, your testicles can shrink), and can cause gyno (plastia?)

    When you finish taking SD, the next day start taking
    nolva (tamoxifen citrate) 40-20-20 for a three week cycle. Post Cycle should last as long as your cycle.
    For liver protection you can take milk thistle
    For cardio protection you can take red yeast rice (pills)
    the nolva should take care of gyno issues
    Something like 6-oxo or rebound xt is also needed. (Aromatase inhibitor)

    taurine can help against back cramps
    saw palmetto can help protect your prostate


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