NEED HELP--Getting my T-1 PRO --Thanks Curtogo---

  1. Arrow NEED HELP--Getting my T-1 PRO --Thanks Curt2go

    First off i would like to say Curt is the nicest guy and i appreciate all his help.

    Well im ordering the 1-T pro now because I found out that the pro is for pure lean mass thas what i want cause im already at 200lbs 14% body fat.

    Im going to be on a 5 day work out cycle with a average diet, my goal is 225lbs when done my cycle and than cut down to about 215 with 8-10% body fat.

    The thing is Im not to familier with this Transdermal stuff so if you can please help me out here, i wanna know how to use it, where the best parts of the body are to use it on and how often and how much i should take to reach my goal.

    Also what are some of the side effect, i have taken andro and 1-ad before and all got was my piss burning, sleepiness, and loss of sex drive, will i be expecting the same effects? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks again curt.

  2. Who is curtogo.. Type o I guess.. Well thanx for the applause but I don't need it. I like to help people out and you happen to be people..hehe. As far as spraying it on put it on hairless areas like inside arms ,forearms.tops of feet behind kness,chest,traps shoulders... You may have to rotate applications areas some people get a rash from prolonged use in the same area. So rotate to be safe. Once you spray it on rub it in.. It will dry in about 5 min.. All you do is spray it like hairspary if its mine... If its chemos you pump it like hand lotion...

    The side you might experience is lethargy but the 4-ad will counteract that somewhat. Loss of libido but the 4-ad wil counteract that somewhat. You will pee fine the 1-ad agitaes bladder beacsue it is oral.. Hope that helps.. Talk to ya..

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  3. that does help, thanks man

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