Testers Needed -- Stimulant Fat Loss!!

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  1. Savage, thanks for the info bro.

    Dadams, I hope things pick up for ya bro. I, too, congratulate your sense of honor.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by FunkMasterFlex
    wow....a man with a sense of honor....nicely done Dadams
    I must agree, stand up guy you are D and i hope your life turns around for you! I know how hard problems can get bro but things will get better.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Sir Savage
    Adams, thanks a lot for your honesty. That is a stand-up thing to do. I definitely appreciate it and I sincerely hope you get back on track soon.
    Hey no problem.. being a tester isnt about getting free stuff.. yes its nice... but I dont know about you all, but I have used alot of the detailed logs on here as gospel. There are alot of knowledgable people here in touch with their physiology. Taking information from them is insurmountable.

    And thanks all, for the wishes and whatnot... yes Im a mess right now, but focusing on myself for once at least... I'll be back on top of my game in no time.

    Congrats on the two testers... Two very dialed in individuals, and am looking forward to your logs.

    The Historic PES Legend

  4. Quote Originally Posted by x_muscle
    Hi Par

    I was chosen by loki for the AMP/Heat stack Mini-Trial on your board a while ago ,but i never recieved anything.

    here is the thread:

    It looks like it was something as simple as Loki's e-mail not working. Since he didn't receive the e-mail, he assumed you were not interested.

    Sh*t. I should have picked you to make up for that.

    Dang it. I'll see if there's not something I can do for you to make up for that mishap.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Sir Savage
    DAdams91982 and Beowulf, congrats! You two have been selected as testers.

    I need both of you to send me your names and addresses to [email protected]. Remember, you MUST follow the guidelines (logs, measurements, etc.) listed in the original post. The logs should be kept in our sponsored forum on this board.

    Thanks to everyone else for their interest. I sincerely wish I could pick all of you, but unfortunately, I can't. All of you would make great candidates. Thanks again, though, and keep an eye out for any future testing we might do.
    Just saw this. Sweet! I can't email from work, but I'll get it to you tonight

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Sir Savage
    It looks like it was something as simple as Loki's e-mail not working. Since he didn't receive the e-mail, he assumed you were not interested.

    Sh*t. I should have picked you to make up for that.

    Dang it. I'll see if there's not something I can do for you to make up for that mishap.
    No problem bro. I apreciate you effort.

  7. Cant wait to see these threads.

  8. I haven't heard anything yet. Will the products just be sent or should I expect a confirmation?

  9. They'll just be sent, as far as I know.

    WAHCHING, I need to hear from you in the next couple of days.

  10. Paging WAHCHING.

    If I don't hear from you in the next couple of days, I've got to pick someone else.

  11. WAH, I'm giving you one more day!

  12. Well, I'm going to be starting a cutting cycle on Feb 1st so I thought I would put my name down for consideration.

    Name: Chris
    Age: 24
    Height: 5' 10"
    Weight: 225
    BF: 15%
    Years Training: 8 years
    Supps: I have used every stimulant out there, but none in about a year as to give my body a break from them. The only thing that ever gave my body a good stimulation was the ABB Speed Stack drinks. Never tried AMP or HEAT though. So if you guys so strongly believe in this combo, you should pick me to see how someone who has taken every stimulant and never gotten the "buzz" reacts to it. If it works for me then it will work for ANYONE

    I am a personal trainer so I have access to daily measurments and updates for a log along with pictures. My goal is to get under 10% by end of march. I already have my meal plan and workout routine set up and ready to go.
  13. willing and able guinea pig here

    If you have a spot for aomeone else I'd definitely be willing.

    If not I'll pick up the stuff anyway. It sounds great. And I need all the "fat" cutting help I can get.

  14. I'd like to also throw my name out there for consideration. I post alot under the same SN on the Bulk Nutrition boards. Here are all my stats,
    • Age -20
    • Sex - M
    • Height -6’ 0”
    • Weight -180
    • Age- 20
    • Body type - Meso
    • Training Experience – I started lifting about a year and a half ago. After a number of months I started following the Max OT training system and had decent gains. I however grew tired of this routine and then unexpectedly took an extended break from lifting. Im getting back into it and currently following a bodybuilding split body part routine and looking to add mass with a semi-high volume of sets per bodypart and eating an excess of calories, mostly from protein.
    • Current Training Schedule / Protocol
    • Monday –Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes, Calves
    • Tuesday- Chest, Abs
    • Wednesday- Back, Traps, Calves
    • Thursday- Delts, (alternates traps every week with back), Abs
    • Friday- Biceps, Triceps, Forearms
    • Cardio Schedule/Protocol –Currently following a mass building protocol and I have opted to not do any cardio for a short period of time.
    • Current Supplements- Centrum Performance Multi Vitamin, Universal Uni-Liver Tabs (3 or 4 with every meal), Now Fish Oils, Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey, ISS Micellar Matrix as nighttime protein, Bulk Nutrition CEE, Bulk Nutrition ALCAR
    • Comparable Supplement/Product History – Previously used two consecutive tubs of No-Xplode with satisfying results, Most recently used a whole tub of Universal Storm with no appreciable gains or noticeable performance increasing effects. I have used Lipo-6 and Jet Fuel in the past, but hot not ever taken ephedra however.
    • Prescription / Non-Prescription / Recreational drugs - None
    • Are you currently being treated for any known medical conditions? Not currently being treated for anything.
    • Present Goals - bulking, cutting, etc. Looking to add lean mass with intense training and an excess of calories. I am trying to eat as lean as possible while keeping calories high. I hope to increase to around 185 to 187 in the following months before cutting in the spring time.
    • Current Diet & Macros – Diet consists mostly of excess calories from protein (50 %) and the 35-40 % being carbs, and the remaining 15% from healthy fats from fish and flax.
    • Current Daily Water Intake – At least a gallon, many days much more.
    • Links to Past Logs & Reviews – Have never previously reviewed a product.
    • Are you willing to post "before" & "after" photos? - Yes
    • Why should you be selected as a tester? I am currently very dedicated to my lean mass goals and a steady solid weight gain. I am willing to try new products to help fuel me in my pursuits. I would be a dedicated tester willing to provide unbiased and honest feedback on the product. I hope you consider me as a tester. Thanks!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Sir Savage
    WAH, I'm giving you one more day!
    so he didnt respond............ Well i be a lucky tester?!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by x_muscle
    so he didnt respond............ Well i be a lucky tester?!
    Yes, you are.

    Sorry WAH, but I did not hear from you in a timely manner. I have to go with someone else.

    x_muscle, congrats! Send me your name and address.

    This time, you'll get your product.

  17. And if another package should suddenly appear I am definitely your guy.



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