i have a question, plz help me

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    i have a question, plz help me

    hey guys, i wanna know whats up with the supposed new ph ban.
    sorry if this has already been anwserd and i sound ignorant. but i havent been following up on that on that issue. so does anyone know whats up? will they ban the new ph's we have, or are they just going to b discontiniued?

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    they will continue to ban, and the reputable companies will continue to pursue even better products.

    I mean if you look at what Bans do in a way, it forces people to look elsewhere and make better more interesting products.

    I mean it sort of gives motivation to move forward. While I'm sure it sucks that these companies have to keep putting out more money for R&D etc, there really is a bit of good that comes out of it, and that is better products.

    I mean if ephedrine was never banned, I doubt some of the really good fat burners we have now would have come out when they did. It might have been several years later if at all. I think the FDA and a lot of the governing bodies look down at the supplement industry in general, and it will be a constant battle between us and them. In the end we will always win.


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