Estrogen Fighteres. over the counter. DHT inhibitors

  1. Estrogen Fighteres. over the counter. DHT inhibitors

    what does everyone believe is better STRICTLY for estrogen suppresion. Novedex Xt. or 6-0XO?

    furthermore for part of a PCT why not use something like Animal Stack 2. which has longfolia and tribulus , and i believe DHT blockers? or is Fenugreek just so much better than that.

  2. wait wait wait. 6-oxo and nolva do two different things, research them.

    animal stack 2? aren't those just expensive under dosed ingredients? animal pak might be semi worth it from universal but AS is not. there are no worthwhile DHT blockers in AS. fenugreek has nothing to do with DHT blocking.

    stay off the juice, research.

  3. im not taking juice ,, and i am researching. thats why im asking. And im not talking about NOLVA im talking about NOVEDEX xt by gaspari. i also realize that fenugreet is not a DHT blocker and does alot for sex drive and libido but is good for a PCT. i just wanted to here the thoughts on it and what everyone believes to be better

  4. my bad, i read it wrong.

    dont buy AS2, waste of money, you'd be better off buying products from NOW for cheaper and in bulk.

    6-oxo and Novedex are AIs but different ones. novedex is an ATD and is considered better.

    fenugreek does a lot for both of those which is why it IS used on PCT.

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