Natural Test boosters

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  1. Tried Blue-Rhino also wasnt impressed.

  2. Tribex by Biotest works alright

  3. Quote Originally Posted by DreamWeaver
    Sorry I started a new thread for my friend he had good results, managing to trim down and get some strength and muscle increase.

    I am currently on PCT with NHA (decided to give halodrol a try) and liking it a lot. The lean extreme is eating my waistline. I continue to have good workouts and haven't noticed any loss in strength.
    were's your log.. what did you do for PCT?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BigBoy12
    were's your log.. what did you do for PCT?
    Halodrol Cycle

    Then continuing with PCT and Bridging

    Six month Metamorphosis

  5. DreamWeaver: The NHA stsck is a great choice. Even better than Halodrol,Hemadrol,Superdrol, oe even Phera-plex in my opinion. Enjoy!!



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